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An aspiring journalist gets offered the job of a lifetime or so he thinks. Against his better judgment he accepts the job only to find out he just put his life on the line

Timm Knight

Timm Knight has written & produced 3 short films. "Good Job" (Finalist indie boost film festival). "All Figured Out" (Finalist @Miami fest, Semi-Finalist @Los Angeles Cinefest) Premiered at Negril Village. "Indifference" and was nominated for best screenplay at Content Creators of Atlanta.  He was 1st AD for "First Time Always Hurts and 2nd AD for "Hidden House".  Mr. Knight was also Featured in the upcoming documentary about the life of Emmit Till "Mississippi Whistle".   His latest short film is "Dirty Laundry-Aired Out" released this year (2018).  This film is a finalist for the All Seas Film Festival.

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