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Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions for submission

Submission criteria
Submission is free. Submissions cannot be pornographic. Submissions should be rated no higher than
(R) rating, if your project is not rated then the content should be no racier than what would be included
in an R rated program. If approved for the NubianFlix™ library you must submit a trailer, brief synopsis,
and full project within the allowed specifications given. The submitter understands that NubianFlix™ is
under no obligation to include them in the library and that their title(s) can be removed anytime without
penalty to NubianFlix™. All submissions for final upload must include closed captions (.vtt file). All
projects submitted must be in English or have English subtitles. No unfinished works, home movies, or
tutorials will be accepted. All submissions must have all their clearances. You can submit several works
at a time but they must be on separate applications. If your works are accepted then you will be
required to sign a standard license agreement, terms to be discussed upon acceptance.

NubianFlix™ accepts all genres including documentaries.
You understand that NubianFlix™ will show your works over all of its platforms, which can included VOD,
TVOD, SVOD, AVOD, and OTT. They can/will stream over mobile devices, internet, Smart TVs, phone,
tablets, game consoles, and other current and/or soon to be developed technologies.