NubianFlix | FAQ


1. Why are you doing a pre-order before launching in beta?

We are doing pre-orders before the beta launch so that we can obtain some of the wonderful content we will be offering you on our new platform.  Obtaining content is a very expensive endeavor and we want to ensure we get access to great content that keeps you entertained for hours. 

2. What are the Pre-Order plans?



First month of monthly subscription plus 2 month free



6 Months subscription plus 2 months free (for a total of 8 months)


Standard plus

6 Months subscription & NubianFlix mug 2 months free



One-year subscription & NubianFlix T-shirt 2 months free



2-year subscription & NFlix Kit (T-shirt, Hat, & Mug) 2 months free

Please note if you purchase the Starter plan during pre-order your card will not be charged again until September 2018.  If you purchase the 6-month standard or standard plus plans your card will not be charged again until March 2019.  The clock doesn’t start for the one-year Aficionado plan and the 2-year Patron plan until July 2018.

3.  What will the plans be when you officially launch?




NFlix Live Streaming (coming soon)

4. When will you be launching live streaming?

The timeline for this is not clear at the moment.  We are working diligently to have a smooth launch and will start with the digital platform first and add the live streaming soon after. 

5. When will content be added to the site?

The plan is to have our first round of content uploaded in the Fall 2018.

6. What type of content will we have access to?

We will be providing access to some great classics, fantastic contemporary works, as well as some original content.  We will also be showcasing some very creative short films made by some very talented people from within our community.

7. What if I change my mind can I cancel my subscription?

Yes, you are free to cancel anytime.

8. If I cancel do I receive a refund?

We do not refund on the monthly (standard) plans being paid month to month.  If you pay in advance for a 6 month or yearly plan then we do provide a refund.  However, we only refund on the unused months, i.e. if it is April and you cancel you will finish the month of April out and the cancellation takes place in May.  You would in this case be refunded for May and any other months left to go on that particular plan.

9. How do I sign up?

Create your free account by signing up.  Then go to your dashboard where you will see the subscription option.  Click it and choose your subscription.

Hopefully we’ve been able to answer your questions.  However, if you still have queries please feel free to contact us at